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A new quantum revolution is unfolding. The development of quantum computers, quantum networks, and quantum sensors, is a reality that organisations need to consider. Our mission is preparing organisations for the quantum revolution that will affect performance and competitiveness in the business context, as well as at the sovereignty level.

Quantum supremacy in computing - Faster computers

For the first time in history, in 2019, a processor, operating according to the laws of Quantum Physics, outperformed the fastest classical computer on Earth. Quantum computers are built from quantum bits (individual atoms, ions, photons, nuclear spins, electron spins, or quantum electronic circuits) and exploit phenomena called superposition and entanglement, making enormous opening the prospect for solving in a faster way computing power available to solve complex problems …

Secure Quantum Networks

Quantum networks can be used to protect data transmitted digitally, such as health records or financial transactions. Quantum networks use photon-basedic quantum states that are compatible with the current digital infrastructure and are the most secure form of telecommunication known. On September 2017, the first video conference encrypted via quantum methods between two continents took place. The secure "quantum call" between Vienna and Beijing lasted 75 minutes and was done in the presence of scientists and journalists…