Y Quantum: Consulting, Training & Research


How computing intensive is your business? How secure are your data storage and transmission systems? How critical is privacy for your business? Will the advent of Quantum Cryptography disrupt your business?

Y Quantum helps organizations in the adoption of new information technologies, improving organizational processes and enabling new business benefits, in particular:


Do you need to train your collaborators in quantum computation, quantum cryptography, or quantum sensing & metrology, or even in all of these disruptive domains?

Y Quantum can provide training, tailored to the needs of each organisation, in order to develop knowledge and technical competencies of your collaborators, to enable the adoption and use of quantum technologies.

Courses can cover topics like quantum technologies, quantum algorithms, cybersecurity, blockchain, strategic information systems, among others, designed at a technical, managerial, or top executive level.

A high education certificate for the course can be provided through collaboration protocols between Y Quantum and  universities or higher education institutions.


Quantum technologies affect national security and can enable promising new industries. Significant funding for research and development of quantum technologies is available, from the European Commission and venture capital organisations. Many large enterprises worldwide are also building research centres and creating teams dedicated to research in applied quantum technologies.

Does your organisation want to start research and development activities in Quantum Technologies? 

Y Quantum helps organizations designing and developing research projects and innovation strategies based on quantum and other emerging technologies, applying for funding for new high-tech projects, or set up a quantum laboratory to develop in-house quantum algorithms and solutions.